Friday, 8 July 2011

Dragon Age II's first DLC pack revealed.

When almost all of your friends and cohorts are killed by an invading Darkspawn horde and you’re thrown into a deep-rooted political war between two immensely powerful factions - things can only get better, right? Not if your name is Hawke. Which it always is.

Once again players will be given the chance to enter the world of Dragon Age II in the latest downloadable content pack ‘legacy’. The plot of which revolves around you, Mr/Mrs Hawke leaving Kirkwall to find an ancient Grey Warden prison to uncover, you guessed it, a deep and disturbing mystery. Players will find out more about the noble Hawke lineage and just why they’re so special – perhaps you’ll meet your powerful and wise ancestor Ethan.

Hawke’s faithful allies (a.k.a The Hawk-Men) will also return to aid you on your perilous quest – also available will be either of your two siblings Bethany or Carver dependant on which one your parents loved the most. Hawke will also receive an upgradeable new and powerful weapon based on his or her class – mysteriously referred to as ‘Hawke’s Key’. There will also be a handful of levels where Hawke loses his weapon only to have left it on the dining-room table.

Developer Bioware are said to have taken note of some of the gripes players had with the original Dragon Age II and have delivered a new setting for the game – the Vimmark Mountains as well as cranking up the need for more tactical and strategic gameplay. New villains will be encountered over the course of the campaign as well as all new darkspawn rising from the depths of the deep-roads to pester the player – each with varied and unique abilities- such as the power to bite or claw or stab…or claw with the other hand. Ominous voice-overs from the initial teaser trailer also hint at the inclusion of 'the most powerful darkspawn the Grey Wardens have ever encountered'.

The DLC will take place before the events of the end game, though it can be played any time during or after the campaign. It will be released on the 26th of July to coincide with Kate Beckinsale’s birthday (look it up) - happy Birthday Kate and may your divine lineage of dragon slaying warriors be kept a secret for generations to come. Fans of Bioware’s RPG epic should be sure not to miss this, sure to magical, expansion to the magical world of Dragon Age.


  1. Seriously cannot wait for this! After racing through this as soon as it was released, it has been a long time since I've visited Kirkwall. This DLC should be amazing thanks for the info!

  2. Thanks for posting this limited press release.
    -Signed, Bioware.